Summer '24 CEF

Summer 2024 Field Study Course Enrollment Form 
ATTENTION: Do not submit this form if you have NOT received and accepted an official offer from one of our approved placements. A copy of your submission will be sent to the site supervisor you list on the form. Submitting a placement without an official offer is grounds for academic dishonesty. 
Students are guaranteed a seat* in a field study course if they
  • Submit a form before the CEF deadline assigned to each session:
    • Friday, June 7 at 11:59 pm for Summer Session I (FULL)We have reached capacity,  those who submitted by the deadline, but did not make the cutoff have been added to the waiting list. Those who submit a CEF for SSI, starting this week, will NOT be added to the internal waiting list (with the exception of students with a previous arrangement with our office, a seat is NOT guaranteed)
    • Friday, July 19 at 11:59 for Summer Session II 
Meet all of the Field Study Prerequisites listed below:
  •  Declared major in the School of Social Ecology or Environmental Science and Policy Major
  • SOCECOL 10 (or an equivalent course) or "In Progress" to complete SOCECOL 10 (or an equivalent course) during Spring 2024-2.0+ GPA
  • Junior or Senior Standing (90+ units)
  • Lower Division Writing - If requesting SOCECOL 195W Accepted a placement with an approved site!
*Seats in SE 195W and SE195 will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis (by order of submission). If seats reach capacity BEFORE the deadline listed above, we will close the CEF and open an internal waiting list. Once the deadline has passed, students will NOT be allowed to enter the internal waiting list! 
What to expect after you submit this form
  • Course Enrollment forms for all courses will be processed on a rolling basis.
  •  Upon submission, please allow 3-7 business days for our office to review your form, process your authorization, and provide you with enrollment instructions
  • If you are eligible and are approved, you will be notified by email and will be able to enroll through the Summer Session website. 
PLEASE NOTE: Once you are approved, your spot is reserved. You will only be unauthorized if you do not enroll by the date listed above and after we have made multiple attempts to contact you. 
Once you submit this form, you will receive an email confirmation with a copy of your submission. KEEP THIS FOR YOUR RECORDS!
For any other questions, please visit our advising page: https://fieldstudy.soceco.uci.edu/pages/advising
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